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What Are Niche Specific Back Links?

Backlinks are links pointing to your websites that are placed on other websites. These backlinks are extremely important part of your search engine optimization strategy. Having a niche specific backlink means that it is highly relevant to the content on your website. In fact, niche specific back links have highest value in terms of SEO. Search engines recognize such links as natural or organic which is a good thing. 구글광고대행

If your website is about selling ‘catalogue printing services’, a backlink created on a website publishing information on printing services can be termed as a niche specific backlink. However, there is more to these links. Anchor text of the back links have to match the particular niche to which your website belongs. Your anchor text would be ‘cheap catalogue printing services’ or ‘fastest catalogue printing services’. Do not try to write a sales pitch all the times. Niche specific back links should have frequent variation. Change the anchor text often. Instead of using the word ‘fastest’ or ‘cheapest’ you can use ‘one of the best’ or something else.

You can get tons of links on forums, news sites and other link exchange websites but they are not as useful as a few dozen niche specific back links on websites with good Google Page Rank. Since the day search engines became popular, they have refined their ranking algorithms to a great degree. Earlier it was important to have any number of links. Quality was not a question in that age. Neither did anyone bother about the sites they got these back links from. A search engines job is to provide you with relevant results for your search query. Search engine technology researchers are continually improvising the algorithms and filtering mechanisms to get most relevant results for a query.

Trick to popularize a website is to get as many niche specific back links as possible. A search engine like Google considers every other natural back link as a vote to your website. Once the search website considers your web page as an authority on a particular search query, you will move up on the Google Page Ranks. You can also pay some professionals to guide a link building campaign to create niche specific back links specifically. Always make sure that the organization or professional you hire does not fool you by creating low quality links having little SEO value; consider receiving references from past clients to double check their work.


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