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Top Ten Massages Which Will Keep You Completely Relaxed

The following top ten massage techniques have been proven to offer complete relaxation and relief from stress

1. SWEDISH MASSAGE – This is the most popular massage technique in the United States and has been coined as the “common massage”.

2. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – This massage penetrates the deeper muscles and connective tissues. It has been used to relieve the strain from muscles in chronic stress and usage. Deep tissue massage may release contracture (fibrous healing) in a muscle area with previous injury. 홈타이

3. SPORTS MASSAGE – A combination massage of deep tissue and Swedish tailored to give the athletes the performance edge. Pre-competition massage conditioning focuses on muscle groups causing the discomfort in athletes to prevent unnecessary distraction during the sporting event. Post competition massage will soothe aching muscles and encourage proper waste excretion for regenerative purposes.

4. SHIATSU – This traditional Japanese technique utilizes finger pressure on relevant pressure points. The maneuver is said to encourage the free flow of energy in the body meridians to promote self-healing.

5. AROMA THERAPY – Massage therapy that makes use of aroma from essential oil extracts from flowers, wood, resin and herbs. Specific oil sources have their own characteristic healing advantage per ailment. The fragrant massage experience will promote more relaxation during the experience.

6. FOOT REFLEXOLOGY – This massage technique uses finger pressure on the foot’s lower sides to soothe the stiffness. These pressure points are believed to be a reflex of certain body parts including internal organs. This massage is usually shorter than the others but offers an equally relaxing experience.

7. THAI MASSAGE – Traditional Thai massage has been used for more than two millennia for relaxation and healing. Multiple maneuvers of stretching is implored to improve muscle blood circulation.

8. PRE-NATAL MASSAGE – A massage technique designed for pregnant mothers to promote relaxation. Version maneuvers are sometimes performed over the uterus to improve the delivery of the child during labor. This technique may require physician’s clearance.

9. HOT STONE MASSAGE – This makes use of heated rocks like basalt and placed over the length of your spine while you lie on your belly. This offers one of the most relaxing massage experiences.


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