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Technologies used by sports betting houses that you can take advantage of in your business


Have you ever wondered what technologies sports betting houses use that you can take advantage of in your business? Nowadays, starting a business requires having a broad knowledge of the latest technologies. A presence on the Internet is essential and, if you want to remain competitive, you must take advantage of all the tools used by large industries.

In this sense, the online football betting site is a clear example of using the latest innovations to improve the user experience. Let’s look at an example of those technologies and how they are used.


A bookmaker like Ufa366 transmits football matches thanks to streaming technology. This allows users to watch the match broadcast and place bets as the game unfolds with constantly changing odds and statistics.

You can use streaming to broadcast events related to your brandin your business to connect with your audience. It is proven that users respond very well to live broadcasts made, for example, on social networks, so it is a good idea to integrate them into your website.


The chatbots are bots Conversational that can be used to respond to the most common user queries. The chatbots simulate conversations with people through the keyboard or by voice. They can act by simulating human behaviour and can hold conversations much more fluid than an answering machine.

Ufa366 has a live chat on all its pages that allows users to clear their doubts through a conversation with a chatbotinstantly.

You can incorporate a similar function in your business, to make sure that your clients answer their questions immediately. In addition, they have a communication channel available 24 hours a day.


Keeping a business competitive means adopting the latest innovations. Big data, streaming and chatbots are some of the technologies used by bookmakers, and you can leverage them in your business.









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