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How to Approach Women in the Grocery Store and Coffee Shops

OK let’s get real here. The chances of you bringing a girl home with you from a grocery store or a coffee shop is second to none unless and of course you are willing to pay for her company. But with enough practice, patience and good advice you should be able to bring her along may be after the second or the third meeting. So for now let’s just see how best you could approach a woman in one of these places.

Precious Little Time- No woman coming into a grocery store is there to make friends. She has other agenda on her list. Precisely! She has a list that she wishes to complete, have it rung and head home for her next chore. So keep reminding you that time is very less.

Dress Well and Radiate confidence – No one is asking you to go to a grocery store in a tuxedo. But don’t go out looking like a bum. No matter how busy a woman is, she would definitely pause to look at you if you are well-dressed, and well mannered. Hold your head high like you are the epitome of confidence. No woman would say no to a combination of all three.

Smart Lines – Make sure your quiver is full of smart and spontaneous lines. Especially, if you are going to try accidental cart collisions or tripping on your own foot. Be well prepared for all kinds of answers.

Look for signals – Most women who come into a coffee shop would probably accept company. Use your best line like “You alone? A lady as pretty as you should never be…” If that gets her laughing, then you may be luckier than just getting her telephone number.
Some women who are unaccompanied also send out signals with their eyes and body language. Look closely to see if she keeps looking at you. If she does, then smile and wave. Invite her to your table or join her if the response is positive. russian grocery store

Remember that there are many who will compete against you. If you buckle down and chicken-out, then the better man would win. Be confident and never let failure take a better hold of you. Like they say, “take the bull by the horns” approach every woman casually with grace and confidence.

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