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Farm Craft Game Review

Farming themes are already becoming a cliché when it comes to time management games and on initial thought, there’s really nothing much you can add about this theme to make another game better than its counterparts. Farm Craft proves me wrong though, as this farm-themed time management installment proved to be a very enjoyable ride – not very unique, but still too addictive to pass up. bedwars

In this game, you play as the talented young farmer named Ginger. Since birth, Ginger was already predestined to rule the farming world with her uncanny talents in raising crops and animals. I know it’s quite weird, but anyway, during her 18th birthday, she was soon granted control of her own farm. A single farm won’t keep Ginger forever though, as you help her prove to the world that she’s the absolute best while helping other people in need in tending to their own farms.

The objective of Farm Craft, just like most farm-themed time management games, is to fulfill all tasks given to you within the time limit shown on the upper left corner of your screen. Till the soil, plant the crops and keep them watered and fertilized before selling their produce for profit. Later on, you will also be using these fruits and vegetables to feed your farm animals in order for you to earn more money selling meat and other profitable products. And when the going gets real tough, how about hiring some much needed help for a limited time whenever your funds permit you to.

One thing noticeably great about the game is its graphics and gameplay. All the animations of crops growing in the field, animals and trees bearing offspring and fruit, and Ginger and her helpers running around the farm are all very smooth and very enjoyable to watch. It’s amazing also how queuing works perfectly during actual gameplay, as I make and cancel queues left and right in order to plan all of Ginger’s moves without breaking a sweat.



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